Guillaume Poyet


YAKARI, LA GRANDE AVENTURE (2020) Directed bY Xavier Giacometti / Prod. Dargaud media / Wunderwerk

DEMAIN (2015) César of the best documentary 2016 / Directed by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion Prod. Move Movie / France 2 cinéma / Mars films / Mely Production / Additional music, arrangements and orchestrations

COWBOY CAMENBERT (2020) Directed by Cédric Tanguy and Nicolas Bellenchombre

HORNS (2014) Directed by Alexandre Aja / Additional music, arrangements and orchestrations in collaboration with Rob (Phoenix)



LES P'TITS DIABLES, seasons 4 / Futurikon / Canal + 

POMPON OURS, Season 1 / Blue Spirit Productions / France 5

ALICE & LEWIS, Season 1 / Blue Spirit Productions / TF1

ARTHUR AND THE CHILDREN OF THE ROUND TABLE, Season 1 & 2 / Blue Spirit Productions / Canal +

THE FOX-BADGER FAMILY, season 1 & 2 / Dargaud Media/ France TV

CÉSAR & CAPUCINE, seasons 1 & 2 / Futurikon / France TV

T’CHOUPI, seasons 2, 4 & 5 / Les armateurs / France 5



Guillaume Poyet is a french composer born in 1974. His music is remarkable for the quality and

originality of his melodies and the skillful marriage of traditional acoustic instruments, large orchestra

and some sounds from analog synthesizers or electric guitars.

After studying music theory at the conservatory of Saint Germain-en-Laye, he learns to play the

guitar and starts touring in various bands (classical music, rock, jazz, experimental, electronica).

Fascinated by the emotional power of the music in films, he quickly starts to have a passion for

movie soundtracks and begins to compose music for films. At the same time, he decides to study

music theory and arrangement at the American School of Modern Music and harmony and orchestration

at the Schola Cantorum.

He is also a self-taught player of several instruments : mandolin, banjo, Cavaquinho, ukulélé, dobro,

piano, drums, bass, percussions, flutes.