Best Score « IndieFest Film Awards  2015» Hacker’s Game

Best Score « Valladolid Festival 2010 » The Human Resources Manager

Best Music «Israelian Documentary Film Award 2009» Unmistaken Child

Best soundtrack «Bastia film festival 2005» Little Jerusalem

Public award «Auxerre music film festival 2005» Zaïna, rider of the Atlas

Grand prix, best original score «Aubagne film festival 2005» Little Jerusalem

Best Score «Auxerre music film festival 2004» The Syrian Bride

Best Score «Cinematic Encounter Cannes 2004» The Syrian Bride

Best Score «Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2014» Faith Connection (nomination)

Best Score « Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2013» Zaytoun (nomination)

European composer 2005 European film academy (nomination)

Revelation of the Year «World Soundtrack Academy 2005» (nomination)






El Invernio (Emiliano Torres) Feature film 2016

Perfume of Spring (Ferid Boughedir) 2016

Angry Indian Goddesses (Pan Nalin) Feature film 2015

My shortest Love Affair (Karin Albou) 2015

The Activist (C. Morin) Feature film 2014

Faith Connection (Pan Nalin) Feature documentary 2014

Richelieu (Henri Helman) TV Feature 2014

Zaytoun (Eran Riklis) Feature film 2013

I Do / Wo Yuan Yi (Zhou Sun) Feature film 2012

Playoff (Eran Riklis) Feature film 2011

Borgia (Tom Fontana) TV Series 2011

Louis XI: Shattered Power (Henri Helman) TV feature 20011

The Human Resources Manager (Eran Riklis) Feature film 2010

A wall in Berlin (Patrick Rotman) Feature documentary 2009

Ultimatum (Alain Tasma) Feature film 2009

A Simple Heart (Marion Laine) 2008

Unmistaken Child (Natiz Barat) Feature film 2008

One Day (Jacob Berger) Feature film 2007

Mafiosa (Louis Choquette) TV Series 2007

Valley of Flowers (Pan Nalin) Feature film 2006

Shamelove (Mattew McUsic) Feature film 2006

Zaina ( Bourlem Guerdjou) Feature film 2006

17 October, 1961 (Alain Tasma) Feature film 2005

Little Jerusalem (Karin Albou) Feature film 2005

Autumn (Ra’up MaGee) Feature film 2004

The Syrian Bride (Eran Riklis) Feature film 2003

Samsara (Pan Nalin) Feature film 2002

Mediterranée (Henri Helman) TV series 2001

Ayurveda, Art of Being (Pan Nalin) Feature documentary 2001




Cyril Morin is a multi-faceted artist. Variety hails him as “a successful film composer, producer and musician....” He has scored over 100 soundtracks and done orchestration for other artists.

His score for the critically acclaimed “Samsara” (directed by Pan Nalin with Christy Chung), won honors at AFI and fests in Santa Barbara and Melbourne. The soundtrack continues to sell internationally, garnering many dedicated fans, and has made Morin something of a cult composer.

Morin’s many international accolades include two nods from the Auxerre International Soundtrack festival for “The Syrian Bride” (Directed by Eran Riklis with Hiam Abbas) and “Zaina” (with Simon Abkarian). He was nominated for a World Soundtrack Award and a European Film Award, and his score for “Little Jerusalem” (directed by Karin Albou with Elsa Zylberstein), which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, earned him two awards.

He scored Pan Nalin’s “Valley of Flowers,” which won Best Jury Award at IFFLA LA. His music for “That day,” directed by Jacob Berger, was called “a wonderfully varied and evocative score...” by The Hollywood Reporter. Other projects include
“Autumn” (directed by Ra’up Mcgee and awarded in Newport Beach) “A Simple Heart” (the Flaubert adaptation with Sandrine Bonnaire), “Ultimatum” (with Gaspard Uliel) and the Eran Riklis “Human Resources” (with Mark Ivanir).

On the TV side, Morin has worked on political and historical films like “Operation Turquoise” and “October 17th, 1961” (directed by Alain Tasma with Clotilde Coureau), which was awarded the Emmy for best international TV film in 2006. His music from the TV series “Mafiosa” (directed by Louis Choquette with Hélène Filières) a thriller for Canal+ was critically acclaimed.

He also worked on numerous international documentaries including “Ayurveda, Art of Being” (awarded in Los Angeles at IFFLA). The feature documentary “Unmistaken Child” (directed by Nati Baratz) earned him an award in Israël for best score – the film was also honored in Boston, Fullframe, Riverun and recently aired on PBS).

Recently he conposed the Tv series "Borgia " (by Tom Fontana), the Chinese feature film "I do" (directed by Zhou Sun), the two last movies directed by Eran Riklis, "Playoff" (with Danny Huston) and " Zaytoun" (with Steven Dorff), and the last two movies of Pan Nalin “Faith Connection” and “Angry Indian Goddesses”.

In addition to collaborating as orchestrator for a Madonna’s song “Paradise” off of her album “Music,” he’s worked with multi-platinum French rapper Kerry James and also recently produced and composed for albums with Indian singer Vidya Rao (“Song for Shunyata”) and U.S. act Zera Vaughan (“The New Seed”). Also a solo artist, Morin’s “The Evolutionist” has been hailed a “cinematic journey” and “a beautiful fusion of sound” by critics.


The press knows him

« When you work by yourself, you’re in the world of your creation alone. A director can push you in a direction you would never have explored on your own, into new countries, new worlds, new moods. And one work winds up energizing another... »
VARIETY interview January 2009

«Multiple talents...» (Première),
«An original and inspired composer... » (Trax),
«A beautifull fusion of sounds... » (Properly child),
«Cyril's music take us a million miles away (Unlimited Pop),
« ...Intriguing and very imaginative... » (Vogue),
« Wonderfully varied and evocative score by French composer Cyril Morin...To infuse the proceeding with added wit and poignancy » (The Hollywood Reporter)
«A successful film composer, producer and musician» (Variety)